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The second trimester is the most enjoyable period of your pregnancy as you have successfully dealt with morning sickness, breast tenderness and bouts of extreme fatigue. By this time you will be more comfortable with your pregnancy.

Around this time the baby will be growing faster than you can imagine, it will double its weight and size in a matter of days. During the fetal development week 14, your baby’s vital organs are developing. The kidneys have started producing urine which the baby will keep releasing into the amniotic fluid. The liver too has started to produce bile and the spleen is helping out by producing red blood cells.

By the fetal development week 15, the baby has learnt to move amniotic fluids through its nose and the upper respiratory tract. This helps in the development of lungs. Even though its eyelids are still sealed, it can sense strong light and may turn away from it. Its taste buds are also developing at this point and depending on its position, the doctor will be able to tell you if you are going to have a boy or a girl.

By fetal development week 16, the baby’s limbs are fully developed for its age and the neck will be able support the weight of the head. The eyes and ears have finally settled into their final position, even toenails have started growing. The pattern in which its hair will appear on its scalp is now taking shape, even though the color is yet to develop. The heart is now fully operational and is pumping around 25 quarts of blood each day. The amount of blood pumping will increase as the baby grows.

Around this time you might start noticing the movements of your baby. Though most mothers don’t feel anything till the 18th week, the initial movements may seem like gentle flutters in your stomach.

At this point your body is going through some of the most significant changes. Your uterus is between the pubic bone and navel, it will now start to thicken and stretch outward as your baby grows. Enjoy this time as much as you can and stay calm.

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