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When trying to choose which form of birth control to use, most people approach the issue from either partner’s perspective. In the case of the female, the popular “pill” is assumed to be the most effective option, where as the male has to contend with wrapping things up with a condom. However, an often overlooked alternative is that of the diaphragm. Those of us who have heard of it simply see it as a condom for the female that works towards keeping the sperm out rather than containing it in. But what is a diaphragm really and how effective is it going to be for the woman who considers using it?

A diaphragm is a small and circular cup-shaped contraceptive device that is made of silicone or rubber. It is inserted into the vaginal canal and is positioned on top of the cervix or the opening of the womb. The objective is to block the sperm from making its way into the uterus following its discharge from the small penis sex. However, the diaphragm is not considerably effective in its job of sealing off the womb on its own unless and until it used with a dab of spermicidal jelly rubbed around its rim. Hence, the diaphragm has to be in place for up to 6 hours after intercourse to kill most of the sperm and so is 90% to 95% effective when used properly.

However, unlike a condom, it only offers partial protection against sexually transmitted diseases and has to be taken out within 24 hours after its placement so as to avoid possible toxic shock. Nonetheless, its use is far less toxic than that of a typical birth control pill and allows for both partners to enjoy unhindered stimulation during sex.

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