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Complaints from expectant mothers are a common concern. However, you should still seek medical assistance even though you expect back pains when you are pregnant. The most probable reasons for back ache is that as you adapt to a different walking style, you put on weight, besides there being a number of hormones that alter ligaments during the gestation period. It is not a necessary evil for you to continue suffering from this pain as there are different ways that can either prevent or treat whatever pain you are in. Following are guidelines on what you can do to prevent back pain.

Adapt To A Better Posture

It is of utmost importance to take it into account that your center of gravity will automatically change when the baby is growing in the womb. In order to prevent them from falling forward, a great number of people try to lean back and in the process, strain the lower parts of the back. This can even cause more pain. To prevent this, get used to standing upright and straight. You should also consider holding your chest in a higher pregnant sex positions as well as ensuring that your shoulders are straight or in manner that is relaxed. Consider selecting chairs that will not strain you in your sitting position. Go for the chair that will have your back supported comfortably. You can use pillows to provide a comfy sitting position.

Put On The Recommended Gear

Avoid high heeled shoes because they might make you fall due to lack of proper balance. The maternity pants that you put on should also have a waistband that is supporting the belly. A support belt for maternity will also work for you in a similar way.

Proper Lifting

If you lift loads that are heavy, you will definitely end up straining your back, thus causing more pain. In case you are lifting objects that weigh less, you can squat and lift them up on your legs. It is not advisable to lift while in a bending position. Try to assess the weight that you can lift without having to strain much. It is necessary to ask someone to assist you in lifting it if the load is too heavy for you.

Adapt To A Better Position

Avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, do it on your side. You can either draw in both your knees or keep one in a bent position. Using a full length pillow will act perfectly well for supporting your back. While sleeping, you can have the pillow under your abdomen and it will assist you in your sleeping position, thus counteracting the back pain. The same pillow is recommended for being used between the legs.

Use Cold Or Heat Massage

Application of heat to your back is also considered to work well for women suffering with back pain during pregnancy. The other option that you can try is to use ice packs to alleviate back pain. It will be good for you if you have a professional massage your body. You can also do it on your own if you know how to go about it.

Physical Activities

Exercises on a daily basis are also good preventive measures for the back pain experienced by expectant mothers. Exercising, walking or swimming, such as backstroke, is strongly recommended for relieving pain by most health providers.

About The Author: The writer is a qualified physical therapy assistant and regularly advises patients on injury prevention and rehabilitation.  He also runs a blog that provides information to aspiring PTAs.

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