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There are various symptoms of Dissociative Amnesia. Some of the common ones include memory loss, depression and anxiety, a blurred sense of identity and a sense of being detached from oneself. Most patients cannot recall traumatic events or people in their life. Traumatic events that can lead to this condition may include physical or sexual abuse, military combat, natural disasters and terrorist acts. For patients suffering from Dissociative Amnesia regain their memory with the passage of time.

There are various treatments that can help control this condition. The objective of treatment is to help a person safely access and express agonizing memories. Psychotherapy is a popular treatment for this type of problem. It involves one-on-one communication with a therapist. Clinical hypnosis is another treatment in which doctor-induced relaxation is used to help a person reach a sharp state of awareness.

Other treatments for Dissociative Amnesia include creative art therapy. In this kind of treatment, a creative process is used to help patients of this condition. It helps increase self-awareness and cope with symptoms and traumatic experiences using dance, art, drama, music and other forms of art.

Cognitive therapy is also an option. In this type of treatment, the therapist helps patients identify unhealthy, negative beliefs and behaviors and replaces them with positive ones. Medication is also used to treat Dissociative Amnesia. There is no specific medication designed for this particular condition, but doctors may prescribe tranquilizers or antidepressants to help control the symptoms of dissociative disorders.

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