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Let’s face it. There are instances that a friend would need a help from you in a time of crisis. Crisis can elevate stress levels and often lead to signs and symptoms of anxiety. Unhealthy ways of dealing with stress and anxiety can be disastrous and could cause both psychological and physical harm. When a friend reaches out to you for help to resolve a crisis, the best thing to do is to assist.

Listen to your friend

When you are going to help a friend who is having a crisis you may not have the solutions to the problem. Fixing a friend’s problem may not be the best thing you can do especially if you are not trained. Don’t make matters worse by giving your friend unsolicited advice. Offer advice if your friend asks for it. Become a precious friend that can listen actively to problems by improving your listening skills. Sometimes, friends just want someone to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

Encourage them to be active

Sometimes a friend that is suffering from anxiety would sulk and would be too sad to go out. It is important to cheer him up and get him on his toes. Take your friend on a long walk or perhaps spend a nice afternoon at the park or do a stroll at the mall. Keep your friend active and moving because it will bring down tension which can lead to anxiety and stress problems. It would also be good if you can try to bring him to a gym and do some light workouts. After which you can share a healthy shake or two at the juice bar. The movement will do wonders in bringing down the causes of anxiety and help him cope well with stress in the face of crisis.

Point them to professional help

Unless you have a diploma or certificate to prove, you should not engage in helping your friend’s situation if you are not trained. What you can do instead is to encourage your friend to get professional help or help them find a support group. This is beneficial for people that are too overwhelmed to recognize that they need to get professional help. Support your friend and cheer him on.

Share a nice laugh

Try to divert your friend’s attention from the crisis and help him find relief by sharing a laugh or make the situation light. A momentary relief from the problem can provide a lot of benefits for your friend. Laughter is known to help people under a lot of stress cope better. It is no joke, but laughter is indeed beneficial to people to stimulate the body to lower the blood pressure and get into a better mood. It can help the body cope well with tension by relaxing the muscles and some symptoms of anxiety.

Identify the needs

Helping someone can become more emotional than cerebral. When this happens you are actually doing more harm to your friend than good. It is important to identify the reasons for the crisis and help solve the root problems. Be honest if there is nothing that can be done with the problem and tell them that they are not the one to be blame for the situation.

Help a friend in their errands

Sometimes a friend that is going through a crisis is debilitated in doing regular errands. If you can, help a friend to get through the difficult time. No, you are not supposed to do the errands for them but to encourage them to do it. Be with your friend as both of you do the laundry or even offer to help in cleaning your friend’s room.

When your friend is struggling with a crisis you need to have a lot of patience and perseverance. Your emotions can get in the way that is why you need to check it out. Never hesitate to bring your friend to a professional if you see that there is a real need. Make sure that you are truly helping a friend and not adding to the woes. Being there for a friend is the greatest help that you can give.

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Ryan Rivera writes about anxiety, panic attacks and depression.  For more information regarding these health issues, you may check out his Calm Clinic Facebook account.

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