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Our world has become a bedlam that causes our minds to go haywire. The amount of stress we are getting each day is enough for people to seek refuge. A calm mind is more focused and helps you to be more productive. Dealing with stress and anxiety will help you get more out of life and make meaning out of this chaotic world.

Don’t over think

Over thinking is the most common way to create stress and wreak havoc in the mind. You will just make life more complicated when you think too much which can be more than necessary. The human mind is a great machine and capable of doing things. However, it has its limitations when pushed to the limits. You can easily make simple things into complicated situations when you over think. Our minds are designed to take only as much and before you know it the mind goes into panic mode. If you want to take less stress and have a calmer mind, it pays to think less and appreciate life better.

Live in the present

Sometimes it is hard not to think what the future holds. This kind of thinking is a sure-fire way of sending your mind into a tailspin. Anxiety about the things that are yet to come will just generate a lot of stress. Try to pause and take a deep breath and think about what you have and not about the things that are yet to happen.

Take a hobby

Spend some time to work on a hobby. If you can read more so you will learn a lot of new things and get more insights about the world. Spur your creative juices by getting into a new hobby which helps your mind to spend its energies in more positive activities rather than dwelling in things that would make your mind less calm. Do something that you really love so that the activity that you will be doing will not become a flash in a pan.

Try some yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to relax the mind and make it calmer. There are lots of asanas that you can do for a stress-free mind. If you have not tried yoga ever, this is the right time to check it out. Start small and progress to more complicated asanas as you move along. Yoga allows your mind to be free from negative and unwanted thoughts and anxieties while allowing your body to be more pliable which has a lot of physical benefits that can make you healthier.

Get some massage

Touch therapy has been found to be beneficial to people that are under stress. You will get a lot of benefit from massage if you need to calm your mind. Touch therapy has been known to release feel-good chemicals by activating nerve endings in the skin. This stimulation somehow urges the body to release the chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin that elevates the moods.  Elevated levels of these feel-good chemicals are known to help mental health immensely where the effects are both residual and fast-acting.

Get some exercise

Tension is bred by excess energy. That is why if you want to have a calmer mind, it pays to have some exercise. When energy abounds in the body it becomes toxic to mental health as it may develop into mental tension. Movement is known to be an effective way to reduce the levels of stress-hormones in the body. If you can, try walking 10-minute blocks, thrice a day. Go for long walks as it will always give you a calmer mind. If you can, going for a swim is much better because the breathing mimics the effects of yoga and at the same time makes you healthier.

Just like the great philosopher Seneca said that there is nothing more bitter than a calm mind that cannot seek comfort in it. Today, getting a calm mind is quite a challenge. However, if you learn how to calm your mind it offers a host of benefits both for your personal and professional life.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera writes about panic attacks, depression, stress and anxiety. You may reach him through his Calm Clinic Twitter account.

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