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Draining your hot tubs and spas on a regular basis is one of the keys to spa’s good care. By doing this you can prevent issues such as cloudy or foamy water. It you discover that this has occurred, don’t bother looking for water Clarifiers because they may not help in any way. All you should do is draining your spa. It’s advisable that you drain your spa once in 2-4 months. Follow a regular draining program and you will have a healthier and cleaner spa. As you are relaxing in the warm and bubbling water of your bathtub, your body will be releasing lotions, perfumes, deodorants, sweat, body oils and many more. The kind of a feeling which you get when you are in your spa is amazing.

It could be long since you took a real bath, not a shower. When you have significantly warmer water, you know what the difference it makes. You can soak in the same water in your master spa legend a few days later, something that cannot happen if you are using a swimming pool that has a daily usage of more than one hundred people. You should know that 4 people using a bathtub of 300 gallon capacity can be compared to 120 people using a standard swimming pool of the capacity of 20,000 gallons.

Why Hot Tub Gets Foamy

A hot tub gets foamy after being used for a short while because it’s producing soap. This happens because there are animal fats in the form of perspiration, an alkaline base and heat. The filter systems and chemicals which are used are supposed to take care of this, but only to some percentage. The chemicals and filter systems have oxidizing power that can help get rid of these substances, but just a percentage of them. There are some substances that are unilateral and insoluble. Shock treatment assists in making sure that the water and available enzymes are oxidized so that the insoluble can be eaten up. It’s also good that the spa parts work perfectly well. However, this cannot happen one hundred percent because there are still those that will never get dissolved. This is a reason why it’s important to get your spa drained regularly.

What Determines the Frequency of Draining your SPA?

To be able to know about the best time to drain your spa, it’s imperative that you know a number of things. Understand the capacity of your spa in gallons and divide this capacity by the daily load which the spa handles. For instance, 3 bathers at a frequency of 2 times per week would be equal to 1. Divide that particular number by 3 and you will get your answer in days. For example, a hot tub or spa with 300 gallon capacity used by 2 people twice for 5-7 days offers a bath load of 4.

This is not a very concrete formula, but just offers a rough guide on what needs to be done to keep your freedom spa in excellent condition. The regularity of draining your spa should be dictated by how frequently it’s used. Also, commercial spas should be drained at least once per week.

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