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There is hardly any disease or ailment where one cannot feel relieved from a massage therapy. The health experts have already estimated that about ninety percent of the diseases are induced by stress, and massage is the apt antidote of stress. Though the results achieved in different types of health conditions may vary, one is sure to feel a positive change gradually in their health no matter how chronic the illness is.

Let us see here how and what kind of a massage can help you heal in some of the following modern age health conditions:

1.       Nervous system

Nervous system is the most sensitive and important system in the body, it is responsible for taking the messages to the other parts of the body, especially brain. It is a system that receives, sends and distributes impulses in the body. If you have any kind of stress or tension, this system gets immediately affected and there are disturbances which can cause damage to other parts and organs of the body. The system is connected to the largest organ in the body that is skin and thus by using a massage therapy these thousands of nerves connected to the skin are revived. An energetic massage on the skin also reaches to the inner muscles stimulating further the whole of nervous system. Many of physical and psychological diseases can be cured through this kind of a massage such as headaches and anxiety. Also it helps in releasing endorphins which are natural painkillers of the body and thus many of your muscular pains will be reduced.

2.       Massages to strengthen immune system

If you have a complaint related to low immunity, which includes feeling fatigue after the day’s work, taking infections like cough, cold and flu from the atmosphere or by coming in contact with the affected person, digestive and gastric abnormality. All these kinds of health conditions are related to low immune system. But don’t worry if you suffer from these kinds of symptoms as a massage therapy can definitely help you to fight through diseases and get strong immunity and metabolism. You need to consult with the therapist or the aesthetician and tell them what kind of relief you are targeting so that they can deliver the related therapy. You also need to remember that the results are not immediate and you will find the positive change over a course of time.

3.       Massages during gestation period for women

There are special massages for women during the gestation period. These massages help in healthy development of child along with maintaining good health of the woman. There are cases that show the women who have taken this kind of massages have experienced manageable pains during child birth and their stay at the hospitals was also shortened.


As you can see how massages can help in various diseases and health conditions, you should also go for the massage therapy if you are troubled with even minor health complaints. You can pick your kind of massage from the various options available.

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Ethen Hunt, author of this article regularly writes for massage therapy Sydney. He is a young and passionate writer; he recommends the massage spa in Sydney if you want to experience nirvana.

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