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Dental care is infamous for being very costly and, more often than not, exempted from insurance coverage. This means that patients have to foot huge dental bills at the end of the day, which is why so many people put dental care far back in their priorities. However, if you look at many health insurance policies, you will see that accidental dental treatment is covered in majority of them, and it is understandable to see why.

Accidents happen, but nobody is really prepared for them until they happen. When you have a dental situation that needs urgent attention, emergency dentistry comes into the picture.

Emergency dentistry focuses on cases that require prompt attention to prevent further aggravation of the problem. It is often considered distinct from regular dental practices, and most hospitals and large dental clinics have a dedicated emergency dental care unit for addressing patients who have tooth problems that need immediate attention. Given below are some of the reasons why emergency dentistry is so important:

It prevents tooth loss

Everyone wants to live their life with their entire set of pearly whites intact and healthy, which is why emergency dentistry is needed for taking care of conditions where the patient could lose one or more of their teeth at any time. Such conditions include severe tooth decay, accidental blunt force trauma, etc. Accidents that cause cracked teeth or teeth on the verge of falling are the most common types of cases seen in emergency dentistry, and it is important to take prompt action to keep your teeth and smile intact.

You get immediate treatment

There are many situations when you cannot book an appointment or wait in line for a doctor, and the same applies for dentists as well. An emergency dentistry clinic is always ready and equipped to take care of such problems when they happen. Patients are often given treatment almost immediately when they get into such clinics, and rightfully so because there are lots of situations when there is no time to keep the patient suffering. Given below are some of these situations:

  • Cuts inside the mouth

They are also called soft tissue lacerations, and they are one of the most common dental emergencies found in the mouth because of the delicateness of the tissue around and inside the mouth. When such lacerations occur, the wound has to be controlled as soon as possible or else it could lead to shock.

  • Jaw fracture/dislocation

One of the most serious dental emergencies, a jaw fracture or dislocation can cause lasting complications and trauma if not treated in time, especially if proper first aid protocol is not followed.

  • Bitten tongue or lip

Everyone bites their tongue or lip sometimes, and it is a painful experience because both the lips and tongue are very sensitive. Serious cases can also include bleeding, in which case immediate medical attention is needed.

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