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Having diabetes does not mean banning food items – not even sugar because banning certain food items is both unnecessary and frankly, impossible. Rather than presenting you with a list of what foods to eat to control diabetes, this article presents you with 5 actionable points that can help you select foods in order to control diabetes. This way you can create your own list and keep adding to it. 

# 1 Selecting food categories – the good and the ugly

Protein does not have much effect on your blood glucose levels. So, up to 20% of your daily food intake can be proteins – preferably white meats.

Fats also do not have much effect on your blood glucose levels. Consume good fats in moderation. After all, fats can clog your blood vessels which can result in a serious complication.

Vitamins and Minerals too have no effect on your blood sugar levels. Go ahead and include fruits and veggies (half your daily food intake) in your diet.

Salt – While salt does not affect your blood sugar levels, combined with diabetes, it has the ability to increase your blood pressure. So use salt in moderation (lesser the better).

# 2 The trick to selecting foods to eat to control diabetes

If you have Type 2 diabetes, your body’s ability to produce insulin effectively is impaired. The trick therefore, is to select foods that take longer to digest, i.e. foods with low Glycemic index.

An important part of your diabetes control is to recognize foods that balance the effects of tablets or insulin in your blood glucose levels. If your routine is unpredictable or your usual eating pattern is disrupted, you may find that your blood glucose level is less well controlled.

# 3 For a diabetic, timing is everything so time your food intake

Before we get to what foods to eat to control diabetes, be aware that knowing when your tablets or insulin will work and when your blood glucose level is likely to start falling is useful. For example, some medications make your blood sugar levels rise mid-afternoon in which case you need to eat a snack at these times.

# 4 Know the Glycemic index (GI) of the foods you love to eat

The key to finding out what foods to eat to control diabetes, knowing how much carbohydrate is contained in your regular food and how quickly certain foods release sugar into your blood stream.

# 5 Be prepared to get down and dirty - carbohydrate counting

Carbohydrate (CHO) counting is done to assess how much carbs you are eating so that you can calculate how much insulin you need. A good idea would be to prepare a chart with your favorite foods listed and the carbs for specific quantities of the food. You can even work out how much your blood sugar will spike and add that information to your chart.

Prepare a second chart with your tablet or insulin dosage based on the blood sugar reading. The two together will present you with everything you need to be on top of your diabetes.

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