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Alternative therapies include substitute conventional or allopathic treatments. Alternative therapies may be used for a number of reasons ranging from curing digestive problems to quitting smoking.

Alternative Therapies for Digestive Problems

Chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are two very common digestive problems. If you suffer from these digestive problems, you might want to try some alternative therapies for digestive problems. Some popular alternative therapies for digestive problems include:

  • Probiotics - bacteria that are good for the digestive system, commonly obtained from foods such as yogurt or dietary supplements in the form of capsules and powders;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy - a form of psychotherapy in which the patient and the therapist work together to modify the patient’s thinking pattern and behavior; and
  • Biofeedback therapy – helps you understand your body and its responses better so that you can control it better.

Alternative Therapies to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a tough proposition for anyone. Using alternative therapies to quit smoking are useful since they mostly focus on changing your feelings towards smoking and cigarettes and put you more in tune with your body. Some widely used alternative therapies to quit smoking include:

  • Hypnosis which helps strengthen your resolve to quit and makes cigarettes seem less attractive.
  • Herbs such as eucalyptus, licorice, hops and lobetia may function in the same capacity as nicotine replacement gums.

Exercise can help you stay motivated and feeling better.

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