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Stress is a part of our daily life. Fast approaching deadlines, family issues, long queues and rowdy traffic may all cause stress. Sometimes stress can upset you and bring out an unseemly reaction from you. At these times, it is very beneficial to know some ways to calm down. Many people recommend practicing diaphragmatic breathing to calm down. This breathing technique includes breathing in through the nose while pushing your stomach outwards and then exhaling through pursed lips.

Other good ways to calm down include:

  • Counting backwards;
  • Exercising your muscles, for example, by taking a short walk;
  • Finding a deserted place and shouting to let out some of the stress; and
  • Telling yourself that you can handle the situation calmly.

Other than these ways to calm down, it is beneficial to introduce simple stress reducers in your life to mitigate stress and manage your moods. These simple stress reducers will not only make you calmer but improve the overall quality of your life as you learn how to keep stress at bay or how to deal with it.

Simple Stress Reducers:

  • All forms of meditation, including yoga, tai chi and guided meditation are very helpful to keep you stress free since they focus on inward reflection and harnessing positive energy.
  • Regular exercise can release endorphins which is a chemical that is responsible for making us feel happy. General mood improves as a result of regular moderate exercise.
  • Praise yourself since feeling good about yourself can deflect feelings of unworthiness, which is a common stress trigger.

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