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There are several kinds of drugs that are meant to treat different conditions. They also have other uses in addition to a medical purpose. Recreational drugs are those types of drugs that are used for the sake of pleasure. These are basically mind-altering substances. Unlike traditional drugs, they are not used for medical purpose. In fact, there sole purpose is to enjoy oneself. Alcohol, cocaine, tobacco and caffeine can be considered to be some of the common types of recreational drugs.

You must know that these substances are not illegal but they do fall in the category of recreational drugs. These drugs are used for different purposes, but in most cases their purpose is to have a good time. You may use alcohol, tobacco etc. at parties. Some of these drugs are also used as part of both religious or spiritual practices.

Some drugs are meant to help people enhance their concentration and performance. They are also classified as recreational drugs. Athletes may use steroids to build muscles or perk up their endurance. Even though some of these substances are OK if taken in moderate quantities, if taken beyond a certain limit, they can prove to be harmful. If you take too much alcohol, you will get addicted to them. Alcoholism can lead to serious health issues such as paranoia or even psychosis. Drug intervention can help in such a scenario. Rehabilitation centers with professional interventionists can help addicts, enabling them to get over their addiction and lead a healthy life once again.

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