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Stress is a part of our daily life. Fast approaching deadlines, family issues, long queues and rowdy traffic may all cause stress. Sometimes stress can upset you and bring out an unseemly reaction from you. At these times, it is very beneficial to know some ways to calm down. Many people recommend practicing diaphragmatic breathing [...]

If you are into sports, you must keep yourself updated with sports health news. The ones who are into sports need to take lot of care of themselves. They need to be extra careful about what they eat and their lifestyle as a little negligence may lead to serious health problems that can affect their performance. [...]

There are several kinds of drugs that are meant to treat different conditions. They also have other uses in addition to a medical purpose. Recreational drugs are those types of drugs that are used for the sake of pleasure. These are basically mind-altering substances. Unlike traditional drugs, they are not used for medical purpose. In [...]

Do you like your Friday night alcohol? While it is alright to have alcohol in moderate quantities, too much consumption can lead to serious consequences. Learning about alcohol basics is important so that you know how much of it is OK and what is not desirable. When you consume too much alcohol in a short [...]