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A simple action and movement like lip smacking also has a meaning to it, especially when it comes to babies who show certain needs with natural actions and movements. A baby is unable to communicate the needs he or she feels verbally and mothers are always on the look out to see for signs. A baby cries and the mother instantly tries to figure out the cause, if it is food or milk the baby craves for or a certain rash bothering. Sleepy eyes and yawns and a mother know it’s time for bed. All these involuntary natural movements are indicators of a baby’s needs that the mother soon gets accustomed to.

Lip smacking in babies is also one of such signs and very often may mean a craving for food. Often when adults would eat in front of a baby, the baby can express the desire for it by lip smacking. If the baby has a dry mouth and feels the urge to drink, the baby may indicate it by smacking lips. Though lip smacking can be a natural movement, but it can also at times indicate something more serious. At times lip smacking in babies is also related to seizures. It is very difficult to tell whether lip smacking and such subtle actions are normal movements or a suspicious thing indicating seizure disorders. Nonetheless there are ways of checking it out. If you get suspicious that lip smacking or jerky arm movements of the baby are not normal then you must consult a doctor. A doctor can inform you of the signs to watch out for and with expert advice you can differentiate between normal and serious lip smackings.

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