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If you had thought that taking care of a baby was only about feeding him/her at the right times and changing a few diapers, it’s high time you took a broader perspective! As a responsible parent, you need to ensure the overall well-being of your little darling. An infant, of course, will not be able to express his/her discomforts/needs verbally – and it is up to you to gauge the same, and provide the right health care for him/her. Over here, we will be discussing on a few pertinent health care tips for babies:

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  • Get your infant vaccinated – Get in touch with a qualified medical health care service provider, and find out about the vaccines your kids require. Take him/her along for the vaccinations at a local medical center. That would keep the little one safe from serious health problems in future.
  • Take care while bathing a baby – No; bathing a baby boy/girl is not only about cute water ducks and lots of soap bubbles! Use good quality baby oils, soaps and shampoos, to keep the skin and hair of the kid nice and healthy. Make sure that the bathtub you are using has high sides – so that there is no risk of the infant toppling over. Never let your kid catch a nasty cold – by prolonging the bathing session beyond the necessary time.
  • Make sure that the child is sleeping enough – If your baby is sleeping lots – that’s a healthy sign. Find out the number of hours of sleep that a baby requires, and make sure that your kid is getting the same every day. Insomnia in a baby can make it restless, and prone to other serious health problems.
  • Check the body temperature of the kid – Find out if your baby is suffering from fever, by using a reliable thermometer to gauge its body temperature. If yes, contact a child care expert immediately. You will never be able to find out if it’s only a case of common cold, or whether the elevated temperature is a result of food poisoning, diarrhea, or other causes. Why take a chance?
  • Do not keep electric wires, coins or other small pieces within easy reach – If you are a first-time parent, you might not be aware of this – but little kids have a tendency to put everything to their mouth. Do not keep coins, pins, or other such small items lying about, which can choke a baby. Keeping electric wires or switches within the reach of children is also a strict ‘no-no’. Your infant might start playing with the wires, with disastrous consequences!
  • Keep infants away from direct sunlight – Except for maybe a few hours in a day, do not keep your baby exposed to harsh sunrays. Don’t assume that you can apply sunscreen lotions on an infant’s skin, and keep his/her cot in bright sunshine. Such sunscreens generally have chemical ingredients, which can cause more harm than good – particularly if your child is less than six months old.
  • Spend adequate time with your kid – Do not let professional commitments or daily household chores prevent you from spending the requisite amount of time with your baby. Play interesting, entertaining games with him/her, and decorate his/her cot nicely. If you are with your child for long enough, you will also be able to detect symptoms of ill-health quickly.

Have the contact details of a noted child health care service professional close at hand, who can be called upon during emergencies. Take good care of your li’l child – and make your home come alive with baby laughter!


Author’s Bio: Adam Wilson is an established child health care practitioner. His blog on infant care tips and strategies is also read with great interest by parents from all over the globe. In here, he offers a few handy health care tips for babies. He also writes for a famous and known home care service in Ireland (http://www.cladacare-providers.com/articles/).

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