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If you had thought that taking care of a baby was only about feeding him/her at the right times and changing a few diapers, it’s high time you took a broader perspective! As a responsible parent, you need to ensure the overall well-being of your little darling. An infant, of course, will not be able [...]

Learning about baby health is extremely important when looking after your little one. You need to know what vaccines she needs, when to take her to doctor and other important details. The best way to learn about your baby’s health is to speak to your doctor. You should ask all the questions that you may [...]

If your little one is about to enter the world, you must learn all about newborn care. Babies require a lot of attention. As they are entirely dependent on you, it is important for you to know about their feeding, clothing, sleeping, and other important needs so that you can care for your little angel [...]

A simple action and movement like lip smacking also has a meaning to it, especially when it comes to babies who show certain needs with natural actions and movements. A baby is unable to communicate the needs he or she feels verbally and mothers are always on the look out to see for signs. A [...]

All babies, at one point or another, go through a phase where they are fussy, irritable and cry for no apparent reason. This is quite normal, however, if they cry frequently despite your best efforts, they are trying to tell you something. There is a possibility that your baby might be colic. Now the question [...]

Breast milk is extremely beneficial for new born babies. It is full of nutrients that are essential for the baby. This is why it helps babies grow and protects them from various diseases as well. Nursing mothers can also reap scores of benefits by breastfeeding their babies. Breastfeeding helps mother remain safe from a number [...]