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Mental Disorder Types

Common Mental Disorders

Schizoaffective Disorder is a common mental disorder and as it is a serious one you must look for a treatment. In this condition a person’s way of thinking and emotions towards others is affected. It is a life-long illness and generally occurs in periodic episodes. Some of the common symptoms of this mental disorder include hallucinations, depression, delusions, weight loss or gain, agitation, guilt, thoughts of death or suicide and more. There is not cure for Schizoaffective Disorder but with the help of medications the symptoms of this mental ailment can be relieved.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is another mental disorder. It was earlier known are multiple personality disorder. DID is characterized by the presence of at least two personality states that may have different reactions and emotions. Some of the common symptoms of DID include blackouts, being accused of lying often, feeling unreal, and feeling like more than one person. This mental disorder can be treated with psychotherapy. Hypnosis is another useful treatment for this DID.

Avoidant Personality Disorder, another mental health condition, is a type of disorder in which a person feels extremely shy and sensitive to rejection. It is a lifelong condition. Some of its symptoms include thinking about your shortcomings and avoiding forming relationships.

Looking After Mental Health

If you suffer from any of mental disorder you must get treatment as soon as possible. It is imperative to look after your mental wellbeing just as you care for your physical health. Even if you do not have any mental disorder you must look for ways to ensure your mental health so that you can lead a vigorous life and use your brain in the best possible manner. Other than medicines and foods, some exercises also help to improve the functions of brain. Brain games can be very useful to keep your mind in shape and enable it to perform well. Games such as crosswords and Sudoku can be very good for your brain. You can also find a number of activities online that can provide great exercise to keep your mind fresh and alert.

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