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News Molecular Connection features a seven-page spread on the new MDL Isentris™ discovery informatics platform... customer stories on EMSCOPES at Organon and successful Web Workshops at a biotech and a major university... an article on Elsevier's Current Opinion and Trends journals... and news about MDL's user group meetings and new CEO Lars Barfod (PDF 710 KB, 16 pgs)
  20-Oct-04 Elsevier MDL introduces MDL® Patent Chemistry Database
  15-Sep-04 Elsevier MDL and Partek extend partnership to offer statistical visualization tool
  31-Aug-04 Elsevier MDL Excellence in Informatics Fellowship awarded by Indiana University
  05-Aug-04 MDL releases MDL® CrossFire Commander 7.0
March 03, 2005
Elsevier MDL 2005 UK Users' Group Meeting
March 07, 2005
Elsevier MDL 2005 European Users' Group Meeting
May 01, 2005
Elsevier MDL US User Conference 2005

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