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Ways We Can Solve Tactical Problems:

Q. We are spinning our wheels implementing a specific part of our application. Can we get the help of an MDL consultant on a per-day basis?

A. Whether you have a specific question, or just have trouble finding a trained developer to add to your staff, MDL consultants are available on a daily, weekly, or even a long-term on-site basis. If you have questions that can be answered by telephone, you may want to sign up for our MDL Consultants On-Call telephone support program.

Q. What if we have a "Year 2000" problem? Can you help us solve it before it causes a disaster?

A. Custom applications, or those built with third party software, may contain Year 2000 problems if four-digit year dates were not used in the design. Our consultants can help you locate these problems and recommend solutions. Databases built using MDL tools, following published guidelines, should not experience this problem, but see the MDL Year 2000 Position Statement.

Q. We are experiencing poor performance of our computer system. Before we add new hardware, can you help us tune our system for the best performance?

A. Database applications often have different requirements for good performance than CPU-intensive applications. We can examine the types of applications that you have running and determine what may be causing the bottleneck. You can save money by avoiding new hardware purchases by changing various parameters, adjusting system load, modifying the way applications work, or configuring your network differently.

Other development problems that we can tackle are database conversions, user-interface design (with paper prototypes and user interviews), and integration of third-party software.

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