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Introduction to ISIS Application Building (PL)

This course is designed for the new ISIS application developer who needs to understand how to begin building custom ISIS/Draw and ISIS/Base applications using ISIS Procedural Language (PL) or the OLE Automation level of ISIS/Object Library.

Course Objectives

The participant will be able to:
  • Understand PL program structure and use of the intrinsic libraries

  • Create, compile, and execute PL programs

  • Create custom menu commands

  • Manipulate molecules, reactions, and sketches in the ISIS environment

  • Understand how ISIS development tools interact with local and host databases

  • Understand ISIS application and form object events and trigger functions

  • Implement custom window buttons

  • Create and package basic custom applications for end users of ISIS
  • Familiarity with a structured programming language
  • Significant experience with ISIS/Draw and ISIS/Base
  • Experience with the ISIS workstation environment (Macintosh or Microsoft Windows)
Course length: 2 days

Hview Design, Development, and Optimization

This course is designed for both the new or experienced ISIS application developer and the database administrator who need to design and optimize Hviews for complex systems that integrate molecule, reaction, and relational databases.

Course Objectives

The participant will be able to:
  • Create Hviews that access multiple physical databases

  • Use the Command Line Interface (CLI) for testing and debugging Hviews

  • Tailor the user's view of the local database

  • Evaluate performance of alternative Hview designs
  • Working knowledge of ISIS/Draw and ISIS/Base
  • Familiarity with an ISIS workstation environment
  • Experience with SQL-based RDBMS
  • Familiarity with MACCS-II and/or REACCS databases
Course length:1 day

ISIS/Object Library Application Building

This course is designed for the ISIS application developer who wants to use the application building components in the ISIS/Object Library to incorporate ISIS functionality into another development environment, such as Visual Basic.

Course Objectives

The participant will be able to:
  • Create applications using Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, or a similar visual development tool

  • Create an application using ISIS custom controls

  • Create an application using the ISIS OLE Automation Server

  • Apply ISIS/Object Library tools to develop browsing, searching, and registration applications
  • Introduction to ISIS Application Building (or equivalent experience)
  • Working knowledge of a visual development tool, such as Visual Basic
Course length:1 day

Application Development with Chemscape

This course is designed for the ISIS application developer who wants to build a chemical information system using a web based development environment.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to get you started building end-user applications in Chemscape.
  • Overview of the Netscape Enterprise Server application environment

  • Configuring the Chemscape server for your needs

  • A few simple method calls to a flexible, powerful query page

  • Using the Chemscape table-builder for easy results pages

  • Creating formatted data reports in Chemscape

  • Accessing relational data from Chemscape
  • An understanding of the ISIS/Host environment and Hviews
  • Basic knowledge of UNIX and HTML
  • Some experience with JavaScript
Course length: 2 days

Cheshire for ISIS

This course is designed for chemical application developers. It will teach you to solve chemical structure challenges with Cheshire for ISIS.

This course is designed for the ISIS, Chemscape, ISIS/Object Library, or Central Library application developer who wants to write Cheshire scripts that automate the process of analyzing, interpreting, and manipulating large volumes of chemical information. Applications where Cheshire can be applied include:
  • Chemical registration systems
  • Compound acquisition programs
  • Physicochemical property calculations
  • Chemical database fingerprinting
  • SAR applications

Course Objectives
  • Learn to build cheminformatics business rules
  • Learn to use MDL's chemical representation to your advantage
  • Use Cheshire in a variety of client and server applications
  • See how MDL's new component architecture will improve the consistency and availability of our tools
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, Visual Basic or an object-oriented programming language is required
  • Understanding of structural representation is required
  • Knowledge of ISIS/PL, Chemscape, or ISIS/Object Library is helpful
Course length: 1 day

ISIS Administration Training

This course is designed for the ISIS software administrator who needs to maintain the software and install program updates. It is also appropriate for the ISIS application developer who needs to understand the configuration, function, and file formats of ISIS support files.

This course is operating system specific. In addition, it contains information on controlling database security. Therefore, only those with system and database security responsibilities should attend.

Course Objectives

The participant will be able to:
  • Understand the organization and function of ISIS files on the host and workstation

  • Understand the host, workstation, and network requirements of ISIS

  • Handle security issues including database security, system-level security, and auditing database access

  • Handle molecule and reaction database maintenance for commercial and proprietary databases

  • Use MDEXEC and REXEC programs to create proprietary molecule and reaction databases

  • Use ISIS/Base to create remote database access files

  • Understand the purpose and syntax of Hviews

  • Use ISIS/Host Command Line Interface to transfer structures, reactions, and data via SDfiles and RDfiles (available with ISIS/Host 2.0 and later releases)
Operating system familiarity

Course length: 1-1/2 days
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