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MDL provides training to support all of the users of our software, from researchers to system administrators to programmers. Depending on the course, the training might be delivered by Educational Services, Technical Support, or Consulting services. Click any of the course titles below to see a complete course description. Or, you can retrieve the entire catalog (PDF: 851K / 32 pages) for viewing or printing. You must have Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher to view the catalog pages.

Courses delivered by Educational Services

Contact Peg Renery at (510) 357-2222, extension 1377 for scheduling and other information.

Using ISIS

Using ISIS for Microsoft Excel

Using Afferent

Using Apex

Using Assay Explorer

Using Assay Explorer Report Manager

Using CrossFire

Using CrossFire Web

Using Reagent Selector


Courses delivered by Technical Support

Inside the U.S., contact Sally Potts at (510) 357-2222, extension 1633 for scheduling and other information. Outside the U.S., please contact your local MDL Technical Support Center.
  • Apex 1.0 Administration Training
  • Assay Explorer 2.0 Administration Training
  • Assay Explorer Report Manager Administration Training
  • Central Library 2.2 Administration Training
  • Chemscape Administration Training
  • ISIS/Host Administration Training (Modules I, II, III)
  • ISIS/Host Reaction Database Administration
  • ISIS/Direct Molecules 2.0 Administration Training
  • ISIS/Host Migration to Relational Molecule Database Training
  • Reagent Selector Administration Traning
  • SMART Administration Training

Courses delivered by Consulting Services

Contact Beverly Madrid at (708) 409-8300, extension 3000 for scheduling and other information.
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