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With ISIS/Draw 2.0, you can easily draw sketches that conform to the publication requirements of specific journals.

For example, you can draw a sketch to submit to the Journal of Organic Chemistry for publication.

To ensure that your sketch conforms to the publishing requirements, do the following.

  1. Choose File > New.
  2. Choose Options > Read Journal or Customer Settings.
  3. Choose the appropriate journal setting file - in this case JOC.CFG for the PC or JOC Settings for the Macintosh.
When you draw your sketch, ISIS applies the standard bond length, bond line width, and other attributes that the Journal of Organic Chemistry requires.

What if you want to submit an old sketch for publication? No problem. You can also easily apply a journal setting to an existing sketch by opening the sketch, following steps two and three above, and then choosing Options > Apply Settings.

The ISIS/Draw online help includes all of the information you need to work with journal settings. To access the help, choose Help > ISIS/Draw Contents, and then click Drawing for Journal Publication.

ISIS/Draw 2.0 ships with seven different journal setting files.

Response Times, January-March 1996
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