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You do not have to wait for a new version of ISIS/Draw to get new template files. You can create your own, saving often-used sketches as templates and adding them to your Templates menu. This way, you avoid the wait, and you also establish some consistency in drawing throughout your organization.

1. Create, import, or modify the image that you want to include in the template page.

To create a new image, simply open ISIS/Draw, choose File > New, and begin sketching.

To import an existing image:

  1. Choose File > Import Molfile/Rxnfile/TGFfile.
  2. Navigate to the disk and directory or folder that contains the file, and double-click the file name.
Mac users: to import a file that was created on a PC, hold down the Option key before beginning this step.

Note: You can also import a sequence or residue. Look in the Online Help for details.

2. Save the image(s) as a sketch file.

Choose File > Save As. Navigate to the Templates directory/folder and enter a name. PC users: you must use the .skc extension.

3. Add the sketch file to the Templates menu.
  • Choose Templates > Customize Menu and Tools.
  • Click the Templates Menu tab.
  • Choose where your sketch file will appear in the current list of Template menu sketches. For instance, if you would like your file to appear beneath the Crown Ethers sketch, click on that file and then click the Insert button.
  • Navigate to find your file and double-click the file name. ISIS will prompt you to enter the template name as you would like it to appear on the menu. Enter a name and click OK. Your sketch will appear beneath Crown Ethers when you choose Templates.
Do you have an interesting template you would like to share? Send it to MDL! Tim Ritchie of Sandoz UK volunteered three templates, one of which subsequently appeared in ISIS/Draw! A protecting groups template appeared in ISIS/Draw 2.1, called PROTECT in the templates menu. You may download the other two, unnatural amino acids (UNNAT-AA) and common neurotransmitter molecules (MISC-NTR), from MDL's World Wide Web site. Go to

For more information on templates, go to the ISIS Online Help by choosing Help > ISIS/Draw Contents and searching for "template pages."

Response Times, October-December 1997
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