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When you want to print an ISIS/Base form or ISIS/Draw sketch, you can use any paper size that is supported by your printer. For the US, it is normally US Letter size, but for users in Japan and Europe, A4 size is preferred. You can change the paper size in ISIS/Base or ISIS/Draw using Print menu item, but it can be inconvenient to change it every time you print a form or sketch.

ISIS/Draw and ISIS/Base use the default settings from your computer's Control Panel, so you can save time by setting the default setting to the paper size you use most often. Here is how to set your preferred Paper Size:

For MS Windows 95 and NT users

  1. Double-click on the Printers icon in Control Panel.
  2. Right-click with the mouse on the desired printer.
  3. Windows 95óchoose Properties menu and choose Paper tab; Windows NTóchoose Document Defaults menu and choose Page Setup tab.
  4. Choose default Paper Size and click OK.
  5. Restart ISIS/Base and ISIS/Draw.
For Windows 3.1 users
  1. Double-click on the Printer icon from Control Panel.
  2. Highlight the printer you will use in the Installed Printers listbox.
  3. Click the Setup button.
ISIS/Draw does not save the selected paper size. It uses the system default for each new sketch created and every time a sketch is reopened. ISIS/Base, however, does save the paper size for each form and uses this selection each time the form is reopened.

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