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Suppose you want to print a matrix of forms on a single page from ISIS/Base with no space between the forms; for example, a page with eight forms, lying two by four.

ISIS/Base uses certain rules when spacing forms on a page:

  • It maintains the relative dimensions of the form. If the form must be decreased in size, ISIS/Base maintains the relationship between the width and height of the form.
  • It spaces the forms evenly horizontally and vertically on the page, increasing the space between the forms (interbox) as necessary.
When Designing the Form
  1. Choose Options > Show ruler.
  2. Draw the form in the upper left corner of the ISIS/Base window. Do not leave any space at the top or left.
  3. Design the form to be about the size it will print on the page.
When Printing
  1. Select Multiple per page in the Print Options box.
  2. Set Horizontal and Vertical to the number of forms you would like to print per page.
  3. Set margins so that your forms print with no space between (see figure below for suggested margins). Set the margins to about .25 inches less than you want them to appear on the printed page.

    Form Matrix
    Box Dimension
    Left/Right Margins
    Top/Bottom Margins
    2 x 4
    3 x 2.25
    1.00 / 1.00
    0.85 / 0.80
    3 x 4
    2.25 x 2.25
    0.55 / 0.55
    0.75 / 0.75
    4 x 5
    2.0 x 2.0
    0.55 / 0.55
    1.05 / 1.05
    4 x 9
    1.75 x 1.0
    0.6 / 0.6
    1.0 / 1.0

  4. Set Interbox to vertical and horizonal to zero.
  5. Select Print List; Print Current will print only a single form.
If your printout contains space between the forms, try adjusting the margins slightly until the forms print as you wish them to appear.

This tip was written for ISIS/Base version 1.2. ISIS 2.0 has a print preview feature which can assist you in this process.

Response Times, July-September 1995
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