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Suppose you have an EPS file of a logo that you want to use in ISIS. You can create a template from any ISIS/Draw sketch, add it to the Templates menu, and use it again and again.

  1. Open ISIS/Draw.
  2. Choose Edit > Insert Object (Windows) or Subscribe to (Mac).
  3. Click on the application that created the graphic or, on the Mac, click on the file.
  4. Open the file and then close the application and the graphic will be displayed in ISIS/Draw.
  5. Save the ISIS/Draw file in the Templates directory.
  6. Select Options > Configure > Template Menu and use the Add to Menu command to browse and choose your new sketch.
If the application that created your graphic is not on the Insert Object list:
  1. Open the graphics program in which the EPS file was created.
  2. Highlight the logo and choose Edit > Copy.
  3. Open ISIS/Draw and paste the logo.
  4. Follow instructions 5-6 above.
If you do not have the graphics program that created the file installed on your machine, you can use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word to create the sketch file:
  1. Use the Insert > Picture command in Word. Double-click your graphics file.
  2. Select the picture and choose Edit > Copy.
  3. Use instructions 3-5 from previous example.
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