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With ISIS/Draw 2.0, it is easy to change the appearance of any individual structure, bond, atom, text, or geometric object for presentation purposes.

To change the appearance of any object:

  1. Click one of the Select tools and select the object(s) you want to change.
  2. Choose Object > Edit, or simply double-click the selected objects. A tabbed "Edit Object" dialog will pop up that lets you change the objects' appearance. You see only those tabs that apply to your selected objects.
  3. Click the tab that identifies the type of change that you want to make.
To find information for an item on a tab, click Help.

Remember, remote databases, molfiles, and rxnfiles do not support presentation features such as fonts, line styles, and pen colors. Before you use a structure to search a remote database, or before you export it as a molfile or rxnfile, choose Chemistry > Run Chem Check, or click the Chem Check button. For more information, choose Option > Settings, click the Chem Check tab, and then click Help.

The ISIS/Draw Online Help includes all of the information that you need to select and then change the appearance of objects. To access the help, choose Help > ISIS/Draw Contents, then click QUICK START: Drawing Molecules, Reactions, Objects, and Text. You can also globally modify a sketch so that it conforms to the publication requirements of specific journals. To find out how to do this, choose Help > ISIS/Draw Contents, then click Drawing for Journal Publication.

Response Times, April-June 1996
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