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In what industry is your company? Other:
In what department do you work? Other:
What position do you hold? Other:
What is your background? Other:
Which terms best describe the type of chemistry that you do? (check all that apply) Classical, single-compound synthesis
Parallel synthesis
Mix & split techniques
Hybrid methods (IRORI, Chiron, etc.)
Library design
Solid-phase synthesis
Liquid-phase synthesis
Oligomeric synthesis
Polymer synthesis
Small organic molecule synthesis
Carbohydrate synthesis
Does not apply
How do you deconvolute your libraries? Other:
How many people work on your team?
Of the chemists at your site, how many are involved in synthesis work?
Of these chemists, how many use combinatorial chemistry or parallel synthesis techniques?
How many compounds do you synthesize monthly?
Do you use automated synthesizers? Yes No Does not apply If yes, please specify the supplier and model

Do you register all compounds?
Which data management system do you use for registration? Other:
Does your group evaluate virtual libraries?
If yes, what software do you use? Other:
If yes, what criteria do you use for evaluating these libraries?
What percentage of your time is spent doing the following activities? % Synthesis methodology
% Library design
% Reagent selection
% Reagent preparation
% Synthesis
% Product validation
% Data evaluation
% Building reports
% Compound registration
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