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Pharma R&D; Directions 2000

Pharma R&D; Directions 2000
June 26-28, 2000
Hotel Rey Juan Carlos
Barcelona, Spain
Stand 5

Come see the latest MDL solutions for discovery informatics in stand 5. MDL is pleased to be a Bronze Sponsor of Pharma R&D; Directions 2000. Be sure to attend this presentation:

Wednesday, June 28, 3:50 P.M. - Dr. Rudolph Potenzone, MDL, Senior Vice President, Market, Product, and Strategic Development, presenting Next Generation Informatics: Exploiting Overflowing Data Repositories for Competitive Advantage
  • Interoperating applications to provide complete solutions: Delivering real tools to solve real problems
  • Integrating workflow and informatics: Managing the day to day collection of chemical and biological data
  • Strategically focused user tools to access databases: Making the right information available to the right people at the right time
  • Turning information into actions: Enabling decision making with this information
  • Realising the true value of the information: Facilitating re-use of the information and the derived knowledge

Where Research and Development Meet

Pharma R&D; Directions is THE top level R&D; strategy event for the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. It is the only annual forum where those who make the decisions affecting the whole of the R&D; pipeline are able to meet their contemporaries, debate key current challenges and prepare for the future.

Key topics include:

  • The evolution of e-R&D;
  • Overcoming cultural barriers to create genuine global integration of research and development
  • The future role of pharmacogenomics in both the development and marketing of new therapies
  • Working with the CROs and IT suppliers of the future - how exactly are the globalisation and increasing service offerings of these companies going to benefit the industry?

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