Drug Discovery Technology 2001

ACS National Meeting

Pharma R&D; Directions Europe 2001

Pharma R&D; Directions Europe 2001
Palau de Congressos de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain
June 27-29, 2001
Booth 5

See how MDL's discovery workflow solutions can help you distinguish the winners from the losers—sooner!

Complex discovery workflows—from target selection and library design through synthesis, testing, and analysis—call for immediate access to relevant information. They require a means for team members to use, save, and share data. They demand that critical decisions be made with the benefit of all your knowledge.

At Pharma R&D; Directions, Europe 2001, MDL will demonstrate integrated workflow solutions that expedite the discovery process. We’ll show you how scientists can instantly reference literature, view chemical catalogues, and access inventory records without leaving their desks. We'll also show you how chemists can plan and design experiments, search reaction libraries, and check toxicity data; and how biologists can manage plates and samples, redesign assays, and capture and analyze results.

Please attend MDL's presentation!

June 28th, 3:50–4:30pm
"Optimizing Information and Decision Processes: Delivering the Right Information in the Right Form to the Right Scientist"
Dr. Phil McHale, Vice President, Marketing

Afternoon Session 1
Delivering the Holy Grail—An Integrated, Global Information Technology Architecture for R&D;

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