LabAutomation 2002

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LabAutomation 2002

LabAutomation 2002
Palm Springs Convention Center
Palm Springs, CA
January 26-30, 2002
Booth 916

Come see MDL's comprehensive discovery informatics solutions for chemistry and biology at LabAutomation 2002!

MDL provides pioneering software systems, content databases, and professional services for managing modern research. At LabAutomation 2002, MDL will present its biology experiment management solution, covering sample registration, plate management, data capture, analysis, and reporting.

About LabAutomation

Pioneers are the driving force of automation technologies available in today's laboratories. The annual LabAutomation conference, now in its sixth year, has served to honor the work of such pioneers as Claude Lenfant, J. Craig Venter, Eric Lander and Leroy Hood. LabAutomation2002 will be dedicated to bringing you a program filled with the women and men who will shape the future of tomorrow's laboratories.

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