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Company: MDL Information Systems ("MDL") is the recognized leader in discovery informatics for the life sciences and chemistry in industry and academia. MDL software, content, and services provide the enterprise-wide discovery informatics framework for comprehensive and successful discovery research. We are an international business headquartered in San Leandro, CA with offices worldwide. MDL Information Systems, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsevier Science, Inc.

Founded: In 1978, as Molecular Design Limited

Employees: Approx. 430 worldwide

Customers: Thousands of users at more than 900 customer sites worldwide representing the chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotechnology industries, government and educational institutions, hospitals, and utility companies.

Senior Management:

Patricia Rougeau
President and Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director, MDL Information Systems GmbH

Lars Barfod
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Services, and Chief Business Officer

Carmel Drudy
Senior Vice President, Finance and Corporate Development and Chief Financial Officer

Jean Colombel
Vice President, European Sales

Kathleen Mensler
Vice President and General Manager, OHS

Bill Balke
Vice President, North American Sales

Susan Cyr
Vice President, Customer Support

Doug Hounshell
Vice President, Special Projects

Phil McHale
Vice President, Marketing

Chuck Simoncini
Vice President, Human Resources

Janet Smith
Vice President, Database and Development Operations

Howard Abels
Chief Information Officer

Media Contact:
Diane Rizzo
Director, Marketing Communications
(510) 895-1313, ext. 1477

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