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The MDL® Available Chemicals Directory (MDL ACD) is the "grandfather" of chemical sourcing databases. Trusted and in use by over 20,000 scientists at over 500 sites, for more than 20 years MDL ACD has been the de facto standard in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and agrochemical companies worldwide.
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The ACD family of products includes MDL® ACD RCG (Relational Chemical Gateway), MDL® Chemical Products Information File (MDL CPI), MDL® ACD SDfile, and MDL® ACD RDfile. The ACD database is also available via a Web Service.
With MDL ACD scientists can:
  • Identify and locate commercially available chemicals
  • Make side-by-side comparisons of purity, quantity, and price
  • Save valuable time by accessing information from a single source
  • Readily compile lists of chemicals of interest
MDL ACD consolidates chemical supplier catalogs into an easy-to-access structure database. The database includes information on product purities, forms, grades, available quantities, and prices along with supplier ordering information. Scientists can spend time doing research instead of locating and ordering compounds. With substructure searching, MDL ACD is a valuable research tool for identifying analogs of interest, and includes 3D models and the ability to link to OHS Safety Data Sheets databases.
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MDL® Available Chemicals Directory online via DiscoveryGate®

MDL® Available Chemicals Directory is available online via the powerful DiscoveryGate® content platform from Elsevier MDL. Using our intuitive browser interface, scientists can execute chemically intelligent structure searches, as well as text-based searches on chemical name, molecular formula, MDL number and supplier.

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Easy-to-Use, Industry Standard Technology

MDL® Available Chemicals Directory is available in the Relational Chemical Gateway format using industry standard MDL ISIS and Oracle technologies, with the established, field-tested search and display capabilities of the MDL® ACDFinder application. This interface enables structure, name, formula and other searches, and provides a logically organized view of the structures, catalog information, and supplier ordering contact details. Result lists can be saved, refined, and exported for use with other MDL applications or other custom uses.

Additional Info

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MDL® Screening Compounds Directory (formerly ACD-SC)
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