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MDL Mentor
For Academic Institutions
(North America) *

MDL Mentor is a special package of software and databases designed to offer academic institutions the latest tools for conducting research in the fields of chemistry, pharmacology, and biology.

MDL is the leading provider of integrated scientific information management systems, databases, and services used worldwide in the research departments of major pharmaceutical, chemical, and agrochemical companies.

MDL has created the MDL Mentor program to: 

  • provide you with these industry-standard tools to enhance your own research
  • enable communication of data with other research organizations, including your government or industrial partners
  • familiarize your students with the software used in industrial laboratories


How MDL Mentor works

Universities who participate in the MDL Mentor program have campus-wide access by students and faculty to a collection of MDL software and databases for a single, fixed annual fee.

MDL Mentor is designed to solve the problems associated with having to install, update and maintain databases on campus computers. Through this program, universities can access MDL databases over the Internet. Participating universities only need to install the desktop software on a computer that meets the following standards:

  • Windows 95 / NT 4.0 or Macintosh PowerPC
  • 16 MB RAM; 30 MB disk space
  • Internet access
  • Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0


How to get started


MDL Information Systems, Inc.
14 Walsh Drive
Parsippany, NJ 07054

What MDL Mentor includes

The MDL Mentor program provides access to the ISIS software system installed on a secure server. You will be able to download your choice of several desktop software programs that can be used to search and display data in the ISIS system. You will be able to search a variety of valuable databases containing 2D and 3D structures, chemical reactions, metabolic transformations and related data like biological activity, reaction conditions, yields, and literature references.



The ISIS system is chemical information software that supports the registration, retrieval, display, and analysis of chemical structures, reactions, 3D models, and related scientific information.

You can access data in ISIS from several different software programs installed on your desktop:

ISIS/Base, for the Macintosh or PC, works as both a stand-alone chemical database manager and as a front end to the ISIS system on the server. It has powerful searching features, flexible display tables and forms, and data manipulation features for sorting data, combining lists and producing SAR tables automatically.
 ISIS for Excel, for the Macintosh or PC, is an Excel Add-in that provides the search, display, and manipulation capabilities of ISIS/Base for chemical structures and related data, entirely within Excel.
  Chime Pro, a Netscape or Internet Explorer plug-in, searches and displays chemical structures, reactions, 3D models and associated data from within your web browser. It renders "live" chemical structures that can rotated, reformatted, and saved in files for use with other software programs.

MDL's ISIS/Draw software for the Macintosh or Windows is a full featured chemical drawing package that produces publication quality graphics and also serves as a query drawing tool for searching ISIS.



The ChemInform Reaction Library (ChemInform RXL)
A collection of over 540,000 novel syntheses and preparative methods in organic chemistry from 1946 onwards. The reactions selected answer a wide range of questions pertinent to combinatorial and discrete synthesis, including the role of steric interactions, substituent effects, structural effects, and functional group compatibility. ChemInform RXL grows by approximately 50,000 reactions annually. 

Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry (CHC)
This database focuses on synthesis of heterocycles, reactions of heterocyclic systems, and use of heterocycles in the synthesis of non-heterocyclic structures. The information in the database is based on Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry (Pergamon), volumes 1-7. 

ORGSYN contains proven high-yield synthetic methods and preparations of specific compounds of broad interest to synthetic chemists. Information in the database is abstracted from Organic Syntheses (Wiley).

Solid-Phase Organic Reactions (SPORE)
SPORE contains extensive data from the rapidly expanding area of solid-phase organic chemistry, including polymeric materials, linkers, solid supports, and protecting groups.

Available Chemicals Directory 3D
ACD contains 2D chemical structures, 3D models and supplier information on 240,000 chemicals from suppliers around the world. It contains prices, quantities, grades and item numbers for ordering. 

Metabolite includes searchable metabolic pathways and key data about metabolic transformations of xenobiotic compounds.

MDL Drug Data Report 3D
MDDR-3D is developed by MDL in cooperation with Prous Science Publishers. The MDDR database contains 2D and 3D structures and biological activity information for over 92,000 drug candidates.



For academic institutions outside North America:

If you are located outside North America, or if you want to install software on your own server, MDL offers excellent academic discount packages. Please contact your nearest MDL sales office

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