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Dental care is infamous for being very costly and, more often than not, exempted from insurance coverage. This means that patients have to foot huge dental bills at the end of the day, which is why so many people put dental care far back in their priorities. However, if you look at many health insurance [...]

Our world has become a bedlam that causes our minds to go haywire. The amount of stress we are getting each day is enough for people to seek refuge. A calm mind is more focused and helps you to be more productive. Dealing with stress and anxiety will help you get more out of life [...]

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If you had thought that taking care of a baby was only about feeding him/her at the right times and changing a few diapers, it’s high time you took a broader perspective! As a responsible parent, you need to ensure the overall well-being of your little darling. An infant, of course, will not be able [...]

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When trying to choose which form of birth control to use, most people approach the issue from either partner’s perspective. In the case of the female, the popular “pill” is assumed to be the most effective option, where as the male has to contend with wrapping things up with a condom. However, an often overlooked [...]

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There are various symptoms of Dissociative Amnesia. Some of the common ones include memory loss, depression and anxiety, a blurred sense of identity and a sense of being detached from oneself. Most patients cannot recall traumatic events or people in their life. Traumatic events that can lead to this condition may include physical or sexual [...]

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Many people look at circumcision as only a religious ceremony. It’s actually a very important way of providing your newborn boy a protection, for the rest of their life, against AIDS and a number of other potential sexually transmitted problems. It’s also been shown to lower the chances of penile cancer and a number of [...]

by Dr. Tali Shenfield, Child Psychologist Asperger’s Syndrome, also known as Asperger’s disorder, is a less severe type of autism. It is named after Austrian physician Hans Asperger who developed the first definitive description of the disorder in 1944. While very mild forms of Asperger’s may not require formal treatment, other forms of the syndrome [...]

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Arthrosis and arthritis are among the most common disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Their occurrence is not necessarily related to age. Water skiing, rafting … After spending the holidays like that, many people even the healthiest start to complain of knee pain. And it is in early September that many people hear the diagnosis of [...]

Those amongst us who have had to lose weight know just what an impossible task it is. For every person who has successfully lost weight, there are at least 50 that failed to make any dent in their fat resources. Fad diets not only failed, many wrote to us that they ended up adding weight! [...]

There is hardly any disease or ailment where one cannot feel relieved from a massage therapy. The health experts have already estimated that about ninety percent of the diseases are induced by stress, and massage is the apt antidote of stress. Though the results achieved in different types of health conditions may vary, one is [...]

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