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Breast milk is extremely beneficial for new born babies. It is full of nutrients that are essential for the baby. This is why it helps babies grow and protects them from various diseases as well. Nursing mothers can also reap scores of benefits by breastfeeding their babies. Breastfeeding helps mother remain safe from a number [...]

About one in five people in the United States suffer from allergies. Other than adults there are thousands of children who have this medical condition. Children whose parents have allergy are more likely to suffer from this disease. It is unfortunate that there is no cure for allergy but there are a number of drugs [...]

There are various types of allergies. These include pet allergy, drug allergy, milk allergy and seasonal allergy. If you have pets and allergies you must learn ways that can help you live with both of them. An allergy is an abnormal reaction of your immune system when you come in contact with an allergen. In [...]

It is pretty normal for someone to feel down in the dumps once in a while, but if you constantly go through anxiety which holds you back from leading a normal life you may be suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The symptoms of this disorder are similar to signs of other disorders such as OCD [...]

Thank you for choosing Elsevier MDL products to meet your chemical and biological information management needs. Knowledge Base Browse or search our FAQs, technical notes, installation information and downloadable files. Service Requests Create, update or check the status of a service request. Support Programs Available support programs from Elsevier MDL: No-Fee Programs, OHS Safety Series [...]

Outsourced MSDS Services and Databases OHS MSDS Authoring Outsourcing Outsource MSDS research, authoring, and maintenance activities to OHS authors, Scientific Data Analysts with expertise in environmental, health, and safety OHS MSDS Translations MSDSs now available in twelve languages for your MSDS authoring and database needs OHS Distribution Service Automated MSDS distribution triggered by sales activity [...]